Geomelt Products
WellSpring Management is a distributor of GEOMELT® products through its relationship with SNI Solutions. SNI is a licensed manufacturer of GEOMELT®, a sugar beet-based accelerator that improves the melting capabilities of salt and is a replacement for calcium chloride and corn syrup-based treatments for salt. Often referred to as “beet juice”, GEOMELT® products are proven to be safer, more effective and more environmentally-friendly than similar products. GEOMELT® products are being used throughout the region including the City of Evanston, The Village of Oak Park, the University of Chicago, The City of St. Charles and the City of Carol Stream, to name just a few.

GEOMELT® is an effective pretreatment and anti-icing solution. The product is much less corrosive than calcium chloride and has superior ice melting capabilities. It residual properties far exceed that of other ice melting products and salt brine alone. It continues working for days after application, keeping snow and ice from bonding to the roadway when the next storm arrives.

GEOMELT® can be sprayed onto road salt via onboard systems or mixed with the pile prior to loading. Overall salt usage can be reduced by 20-30%, saving time, money and increasing equipment life. All GEOMELT® products reduce the corrosiveness and toxicity of chlorides, making them safer to use around people, plants and pets.

  • Liquid Pretreatment for Road Salt
  • Reduces Corrosiveness up to 80%
  • Improves Melting to -25F
  • Decreases Salt Usage by up to One-Third
  • Remains on the Roadway for up to 5 Days
  • Compatible with Onboard Sprayer Systems
  • Can Be Used to Pretreatment Salt Piles
  • Available in 55-Gallons Drums to Tanker Loads

  • GEOMELT® Treated Road Salt
  • Ideal for use on Parking Areas and Critical Roadways
  • Melts to -25F
  • 80% Less Corrosive Than Untreated Road Salt
  • Remains on the Roadway for up to 5 Days
  • Available in Bulk or One-Ton Super Saks

  • Geomelt® treated salt that reduces usage by up to 30%
  • Much less corrosive than rock salt; increases equipment life
  • Melts to -25F
  • Ideal for use in parking decks, lots and pedestrian areas
  • Available in #50, #25 or One-Ton Super Saks

  • GEOMELT® Treated Medium Grade Salt
  • Melts to -20F
  • Ideal for use on Sidewalks and in High Traffic Pedestrian Areas
  • Smaller Pellet Reduces Tracking and Clogging of Spreaders
  • Won’t Stain Flooring or Carpets
  • Available in One-Ton Super Saks, #50/40/20 lb bags
  • Safe for pets and animals

  • Solutions Combining GEOMELT® with Salt Brine, Calcium Chloride and/or Magnesium Chloride
  • Improves Effectiveness and Reduces Corrosiveness of Liquid Chlorides
  • Compatible with Onboard Pretreatment of Road Salt or as Anti-Icers.
  • Same Great Melting and Residual Properties as GEOMELT 55™
  • Available in 55-Gallons Drums to Tanker Loads

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