Our Values
Good food and clean water are essential to human health. In the Great Lakes Region, we were blessed with an abundance of clean, fresh water. Unfortunately many of our farming techniques are contributing to the decline of our water quality. However by using practices that reduce or eliminate synthetic nutrients and pesticides, we can lessen the “downstream effects” of farming and preserve the quality of our water.

Also, foods grown closer to where we live have shown to be more “nutrient dense”, giving our bodies more of what they need for good health. These regionally grown foods travel less miles to reach us, decreasing our energy usage as well. Growing foods locally give our farmers more choices and the opportunity to utilize their land in ways that sustain the plants, animals and insects that call it home. See our Consulting Services page to learn more about how we partner with organizations like yours.

In our region, winter is a fact of life. For public safety and commerce, snow and ice need to be removed from our streets and sidewalks. Yet today, we no longer have to rely on environmentally harmful chemicals to “fight” snow. By changing the products we use, we can actually enhance public safety during the winter and turn environmentally harmful operations that have reduced water quality, into one’s that are environmentally “neutral”, preserving the quality of our water and the life it supports. See our GEOMELT® page for eco-friendly snow removal products.

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